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All orders placed will only be processed from 25 May
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Hijab Style of the Week

Hijab Style of the Week

Aslkm lovely ladies and Ramadan Mubarak from our home to yours!

Without a doubt, this is definitely our favorite month of the year for so many reasons. I remember in my younger (Pre hijab) days, Ramadan was the one month I felt comfortable wearing my scarf and best of all, everyone was so encouraging & supportive of it. Alhamdulilah, Allah has made hijab even easier for us these days. While we’re super comfy in our hijab, this might be a first time for a sister who needs an extra lift in confidence or a helping hand in choosing the perfect hijab.

So, we’ve put together the Hijab Style of the Week series. This will focus on various different hijab styles and what hijab would be best to use. 

This weeks Hijab Style - the throw over (as I like to call it). Super easy style for a very minimal, modest look. You can use pretty much any hijab you like for this style. We recommend pinning the hijab just below your chin for extra security and comfort, this allows easier “throw” so no movement can loosen your hijab. If you like extra volume, depending on your choice of hijab, you can even double up the layer of your hijab (as seen in the image). Your options are endless!

If you’re keen to give this style a try, tag us in your photo and you could stand a chance to win a really cool hijab hamper!

Love & Duahs




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